Course meals made with carefully selected ingredients from Shinshu

Umenoyu’s dinners are clean presentations of Nagano’s finest seasonal ingredients.
Since the menu is comprised of seasonal ingredients, it changes regularly.

Nagano-brand ingredients that are offered only here

  • Shinshu Soba Noodles

    The land is ideal for growing soba (buckwheat), because there is a significant temperature difference between day and night in Nagano.

  • Edible Wild Plants

    There are many kinds of edible wild plants in Nagano.

  • Pickled Nozawana
    (Mustard Greens)

    Nozawana is a vegetable that grows in the Nagano area. Pickled leaves and stems are very popular.

  • Apples

    Because Nagano has very little rainfall and there is a wide variation in temperatures throughout the day, it is well suited for growing apples.

Start your day with Umenoyu’s healthy breakfast

At Umenoyu, we make our breakfast with carefully selected, seasonal ingredients to help you start your day with a lot of positive energy.